For many years I have been fascinated by the versatile properties of rice paper as seen, for example, in the subtle light coming through paper-latticed windows. 

Among rice paper varieties, I appreciate ‘Dakji’ most. It is one kind of Korean mulberry paper of supreme quality and versatility.  I endeavor to achieve lines, shapes and rhythms that look as natural as possible by being observant of and faithful to the natural properties of the Korean mulberry paper, with which I experiment in various ways.

As I consider nature devoid of human artificiality as perfect beauty, I try to minimize leaving traces of artificial interventions in my art and mask the toiling efforts of my hands.  

In my paintings, rhythm is an important element of beauty, as it is in music.  Inspired by classical music, I create repetitions and variations of shapes and colors that are rhythmical as well as meditative.  

The inspirations for my paintings often spring from various phenomena of nature, the constellations, mythologies, and classical music.